Wednesday, December 05, 2007

When Worlds Collide with a Camera Present

The video above is from a San Fransisco Republican Straw Poll Dinner. You got to pay $33 and have dinner and cast a vote, or $5 and cast a vote after dinner. Only once the number of Ron Paul supporters became evident, they canceled it.

Is this what republicans will do when things are not going their way? Are you hearing anything at all about the straw poll results where Ron Paul is crushing everyone? Of course not. It does not fit into the game plan of one of the three princes that the republican leadership has preselected for us. They only let the other guys share the stage so they can have the pretense of a real election. Prince Rudy, Mike and Mitt are the ones that the established leaders have control over. Those three are having to use professional fund raisers to raise their campaign funds. Meanwhile, Paul is raising money faster than anyone and paying no one. Yet we are not hearing much about that at all. At what point does Paul get to have his message told. It's rather obvious that those that are hearing it are responding with their greenbacks. They are responding by showing up at events.

The Old Republican Guard, which has failed miserably, can feel the storm building. But they believe it will pass. They are wrong. They have underestimated the anger and frustration of their constituents. They could only go for so long giving us more of the same, and telling us that it was better than the democratic choice. But George Bush has out grown and out spent his predecessor in the White House, and frankly we are sick of it.

If they are not careful, the ORG will run Paul out of the Republican Party, and then there will be hell to pay. That is just the sort of thing to light the Libertarian Fire they have always feared. I have to say I am hoping that it happens.

The cameras will be rolling, and there are too many to mute the truth any longer.


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