Monday, November 19, 2007

Killing Really Big Things

Each day, one of my many routines is to read the most popular stories at Yahoo and Google. It's a chance for me to see what I am missing that I did not catch perusing the news websites I go to. It has become disturbing to me some of the world's largest creatures that are being slaughtered, and the joy those who killed them seem to have.

Above is the picture currently at Yahoo news of two men smiling showing off the catfish that they caught. At 646 lbs, they have certainly made the catch of their lives. Man triumphs over fish.

It really saddens me that we are systematically hunting down and eliminating the biggest of the world's specimens. How many years must it take for a catfish to grow to that size? And because it happens upon two fisherman one day, so much for that.

In Florida recently, an alligator killed a man swimming in it's water. So what happened to it? It was killed. I am not saying the reverse should be true, but I am beginning to consider that we should not be making famous, even if for a few days, those that are removing the largest creatures alive from existence.

I know this will not be the last big creature killed and posted on the news. I just hope others begin to question what we are gaining by killing something just because we can.


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