Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Letter to the Governor

As North Georgia endures a record setting drought, and we have been asked to conserve water at just about any cost, the Army Corp of Engineers has opened the spigot from Lake Lanier even more. From 1.2 billion gallons in October, to 1.7 billion gallons today, the Army Corp of Engineers seem hellbent on creating a disaster in Georgia.

Just yesterday our governor dismissed a lawsuit on this topic? Why? Because on Nov 1st the Corp said they would reduce outflows. What changed in six days?

All the water that we have been asked to conserve in November has been released in just 2 days by the Army Corp of Engineers. How smart is that?

Here is a a copy of the letter I sent the governor. I hope that you send him one as well.

Governor Perdue,

Why have you dropped the lawsuit over water releases from Lake Lanier? I have just read that the Army Corp of Engineers is releasing an extra 500 million gallons per day above what was released in October of 2007.

You asked us to conserve, and if we were to hit that goal, the corp will have released all we save for the month of November with their additional releases in just two calendar days!

Will there be no tangible action to protect our water supply from being drained completely? Can we afford to run out of water here in North Georgia for the benefit of those downstream?

Atlanta is the economic engine of this state. I feel it is unwise to allow this important resource to be mismanaged by the Army Corp of Engineers and request that you reinstate your lawsuit. We will not be able to drink an apology from the Army Corp of Engineers realizes what a disaster they are leading us towards.

Please take some decisive action. The release of additional amounts of water is not in the best interest of the state of Georgia, and you have an obligation to do all necessary to protect our state.

Ernest Moosa Jr.


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