Monday, September 24, 2007

Perhaps Columbia Got it Right

Not on purpose of course. The Iranian President Ahmadinejad made quite the ass of himself today with many of the statements he made and the questions he answered. He thought he was smart and witty. But comparing investigating the holocaust to physics research just does not hold up under scrutiny. To not recognize what he was trying to do would have been hard to miss.

Wrap yourself in the idea of free speech. Then connect with the audience. I am an academic person just as you are, he tried to pass to the crowd. I only wish I had been there to ask a follow up: Would he be comfortable with an American investigation into the life of Muhammad? Perhaps we can get Robert Spencer to chair that investigation, and present at a university in Tehran.

It was apparent that he had underestimated the questions he would be asked. No homosexuals in Iran? This must be why they are executing them. Invite our university students to Iran? Let's see the last time we had American students in Iran en masse, there was this little event called the Hostage Crisis. They would still be there if it had not been for Ronald Reagan winning the election.

I believe it is important to get those that you have issues with in front of live cameras as often as possible. Hear what they say on the spot. Understand the words that they choose. Watch their facial expressions. If you hear it directly from the horse's mouth, you will not need one of the horse's handlers to tell you what you have heard or how to interpret this. You will be able to do it for yourself.


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