Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As I sit here and watch events unfold around me with the fight over illegal immigration, there are many thoughts which come to mind. One that continues to return to me is why are things so complicated? Is it really so difficult to see solutions, or are those against whatever action being proposed so against it, that they will do whatever it takes to gum up the works?

Mexico is a ticking people bomb. Most of the tax revenue generated in that country comes from the sale of oil. And the production of oil in Mexico is on the decline, as it is around the world(think it is just coincidence that as governments around the world have taken control of this resource that less of it is making it to the marketplace?) and the revenues to support all the social programs in Mexico will be stretched to the max. So where will they go for a better opportunity? Across the border of course.

What do our fine senators propose? Hundreds of pages of rules and regulations that they themselves have not even read. Yet they specify the technology to use to close the border. Is this the role of the senate? Do we really believe that we can get 100 people in Washington to be experts on all aspects of what is needed to shut the border down?

Instead, we should divide the money allocated to shutting the border down to the states along the border. Tell each state to apply the funds and find the best way to do shut down the illegal border crossings. If' one state's plan does not work and another's does, it will be easy enough to see this and adjust accordingly.


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