Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Letter to Georgia Senators

20 June 2007

Thank you for listening to the people of Georgia. Please do not give in to pressure from Bush.
Immigration is a simple issue. The border is a simple issue. This issue should be discussed in view of the American people, and not dscided in backroom deal where we do not know what has occured.
How can we not have the ability to close the border today without more laws being passed? Have you seen the video of our officers being pummelled with rocks on American soil? Is this acceptable? Not in my eyes.
And why are our "good" neigbors to the south, the Mexican government, not doing anything to stem this problem?
Please listen to your constituents. Please realize it will take longer than 2 weeks to trust the federal government on this issue. Close the border now and come back to us in 1 year if we want to look at changing the immigration laws.


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