Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Be Careful Where You Drink

"Gwinnett gets OK to send treated sewage to Lanier" AJC 7 November 2006

Fear not fellow water drinkers. The county of Gwinett is returning sewage water for the rest of us to consume.

According to Linda MacGregor, "Gwinnett's discharge is safe for both humans and aquatic species. The county will be "returning very high quality treated wastewater back to the lake," she said.

Yet they are going to discharge this "high quality treated wastewater" 100 feet below the surface of the lake, to get to the coldest water, and just before the dam, where the Chattahoochee continues south through the rest of the state.

A new policy needs to be adopted if indeed this water is of such high quality. It needs to be discharged upstream from where Gwinnett's intake pipe for drinking water is located.

Why should the rest of us be subjected to what Gwinett county itself will not subject itself to? They should have no fear as long as they keep their equipment up to snuff.

One only has to look south to Atlanta, and read about the constant raw sewage that runs into streams whenever it rains....and realize the risk when you can have no fear that what you dump will not be your problem down stream.

We are only now beginning to understand the effects of all the drugs that make it's way back into our water system through treated sewage: birth control pills, prozac, viagra, you name it, are not filtered out and end up being consumed by you when you drink tap water from a public source.

Water is the single item that each of us consume every day. Our diets vary, food sources vary, but water we will be exposed to daily without pause.

If the treated sewage is so safe, why are they going to take all the "precautions" they have stated, and why is Gwinnett still not willing to pipe it into the system upstream? I imagine they are not willing to take the risk. Why should we?


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