Thursday, December 22, 2005

Time's Passage

Anytime that one must go through boxes of things and sort out the past, and get rid of those things that keep you from the future, it is an adventure.

I wouldn’t think that going through boxes of diskettes could provide me with such a journey down memory lane, let alone the box of my computer accessories, but it sure has.

Consider the diskettes from a company called Chipsoft and it’s product, turbotax. Or the copy of Netscape Gold. When was the last time you paid for a browser for the internet?

Then there are the games that have come and gone. Star Trek 25th Anniversary. The characters actually talked. Imagine that. Or Quicken 5.0. I look over at my new Dell(relatively speaking, I got it in April 2005), and review the specs on the Gateway 2000 computer I ordered in 1995. The mp3 player on my arm has 200 more meg of storage than the Gateway shipped with. (It has four gb)

And what should I do with all these 3.5 inch disks? They are brand new. Never ever spun in a drive. There is certainly not a 3.5 inch drive on my system today. And there are very few things I could even store there.

I even have diskettes with backup software for my Conner Hard Drive. Finis Conner, what a classic name. I can remember his picture on the cover of one of the financial magazines before I first bought the stock. They were bought by Seagate I think, who just this week bought Maxtor. April of 1991 was the first time I bought Conner stock, and I made over 8,000 dollars on this one company alone. It was a good start for me and what I do today.

Still, it is a little sad. There are games I could not get enough of that I have not played in 12 years. Concentration, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Monopoly. How in the world do they all fit on one disk?

I will not be able to part with some of these, though I am not sure I have the hardware to boot up any of these games. But, they are like photographs to the past. They are like old friends. So I think I will keep some of them around.


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