Friday, May 06, 2005

The Demise of the Yankees

The Demise of the Yankees

Yes, it is still early in the season. It is not even the middle of May yet. I do not even live in an American league town. But, I cannot help but smile each time I see that the Yankees have lost yet again.

I like Joe Torre. I think he is a great manager. I like the site of pinstripes. They have always implied a sense of class.

But the unbridled spending of George Steinbrenner has had me secretly cheering for the demise of the team. It is not because Steinbrenner has spent so much money. It is because he is spending so much money so inefficiently.

In our society, there has never been a problem that those that wanted to solve that problem would state the need for additional funds. When was the last time that you heard of a school system, a community, a cause of any kind, that ever stated it is not money that we need more of, but heart? Or change of behaviors? It does not happen that way.

And were Steinbrenner and the Yankees to spend more than anyone, and dominate the world of baseball, then it would only serve to reinforce the concept of money being the cure for what ails you. I simply do not believe that is true.

With it being so early in the season, it is possible that the Yankees start winning. Not even far-fetched that they can still win the division. It’s why they play 162 games. But it is refreshing to see the general manger of the Yankees fly to Tampa Bay because this is such a serious issue. Steinbrenner is one unhappy owner at this time. It is refreshing because they are having to take a hard look at their line-up and admit perhaps that they were wrong, and that they are not getting the bang for the bucks that they are spending.

1 st in Spending
New York Yankees

30th in Spending(last)
Tampa Bay Devil Rays

For the 11 wins by Tampa Bay so far, they spent 2.669 million dollars per victory For the 11 wins by the Yankees, they have spent $18.9 million per victory. That is a lot of money for one win. Steinbrenner has spent a lot of money to win. More than anyone else. Win at any cost may not be such a good idea after all.

Perhaps someone in the front office should have spoken up and reigned in the spending. Then again, we are talking about rich owners where they normally do what they want regardless of whether it makes sense financially.

But for now I will enjoy seeing the losses add up as the Yankees continue to struggle.


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