Tuesday, March 22, 2005

How to Divide

The leadership of this country has taken a 90 degree turn into an area which should be known as how not to lead a country. Tom Delay, who, unless you live in his district, will not even receive your email, yet is considered to be the leader of the house, took up the cause for a woman who does not live in his district, and did not ask for his help. Everyone should consider what his motives truly are.

Life and death decisions are undoubtly the most difficult anyone ever has to make. Terri Schiavo was clear to her husband, but not to the population at large, or at least not to those who feel that their opinions on this are more important than the person closest to her in the entire world.

So the Schindlers have fought tooth and nail to override that decision made by Terri's husband. Now, 20 judges have heard this case and the result is still the same. Michael Schiavo has the right to make the decision for her.

Yet the congress of these United States decided that the 535 members there are best qualified to decide this issue, rather than Michael Schiavo. So they passed a law. A special law, just for her parents. Yet, we are all supposed to be treated equally under the law. Where is the justice in any of this? Frist and Delay showed us that money was no object, whatever it takes, is what they would do.

One almost has to accept that the point of all this was to divide the country. To pit husband or wife against the inlaws. There must be a desire to divide their enemy, whoever they feel that is.

Michael Schiavo is and has been rational. Emotionally, we would all want to hold out hope and try to live forever. He has been criticized for not walking away. So the moralists fighting to keep her alive want him to not keep his word to her. How can anyone demand that from a husband? Michael should never bend or break, regardless of the pressure applied. It is a crime that the federal government is trying to force him to do just that.

The republicans will not recover from this easily. They have, with no uncertainty, made it clear that they will violate the constitution if it is in the way of what they seek.

The only thing we have yet to see, and I am not so unsure that we will not, is the use of force to remove Terri by one of the Bushs'.

Meanwhile, Terri is a pawn being used in the worst of ways. She must be so embarrassed of what her parents have done. Her parents have already stated clearly that even if they knew her daughter's wishes, they would still be fighting as they are. That should speak volumes.

I can only hope God takes her soon, so that she can be out of this spotlight. And until then, we will see how ugly a divided people can become. It should scare the hell out of you that the leadership of this nation will violate your constitutional rights first if it will get them what they want.



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