Saturday, March 05, 2005

There's Something So Special...

about a Saturday morning run. Especially after you have not run on a Saturday morning in half a year.

The weather is perfect as I get out of bed. I am only up and at it because Patty gave me a much needed wake-up call. Of course I said I did not think I would make it. But guilt crept into me as I heard her hang up abrubtly. Was it me or was it because she was trying to brush her teeth at the same time? Who could be sure.

So, walking slowly to my weather station to see what the temp is, I am shocked to see that it is 47, way above the minimum for me to go these days. OK OK I think. I am going to go.

Drinking my oatmeal breakfast(way more water than required), I head to the greenway. Yes,it is going to be a wonderful day. While old motivators to run are gone, new ones can arrive when you least expect it.

Getting there I start to see some of my old friends. The ones I abandoned for the sake of sleeping in on Saturdays. I felt as if I was on Romper Room, looking into the magic mirror. I see Tom and Don and Kari and Susan and Patty and Beth and Mike and Helen and George and Emily. Gee, I think, I know all these people. And some of my friends I have not seen in ages are genuinely happy to see me. Me. I smile inside.

So we run a nice pace and it almost seems as if I have not missed a Saturday morning at all. What a great feeling that is.

And that is what makes it so special...



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