Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Schindler,

Isn't enough enough? Now you are filing for divorce on behalf of your daughter.

While my heart breaks for what you have had to go through, watching your daughter in a vegetative state of existence, and fighting every possible way you can to keep her alive, someone should pull you aside, and say it is time. It should be someone close to you so that you will trust them even if you disagree.

Terri Shiavo's husband has spent most of what was awarded in the lawsuit on trying to fulfill what he believes were your daughter's wish. The only people making money on this are the lawyers. Had he just wanted to be done with Terri, he could have turned it over to you, and went on his way. He chose not to.

And if Terri were to be able to communicate whatsoever, do you really believe that her choice would be to have her husband's life be over as hers is? Or would she want him to go on, and live the best life that he can?

Enough is enough. It is too bad that no one close to you will tell you. As long as you have the money to spend, I guess they will keep their mouths shut. Just because you have the ability to keep someone alive, does not mean you should at any cost. Allow your daughter to die with some dignity and privacy, and not as a battleground for every special interest that wants to ride the wave, just because it is there.



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