Monday, February 28, 2005

Dear Oscar,

It should not come as a surprise to you that viewership is down for your big night. All of your stars are, like Michael Jackson, exposing themselves just a bit too much.

Perhaps once upon a time, we tuned in to the awards to have a chance to see some of our favorite stars. But today, we see them all the time. If not on an awards show before or after yours, then certainly on E!, Entertainment Tonight, or one of the other astronomical wanna-be's(those who track stars, in case I lost you.

I hope you did not spend too much on Chris Rock. It was not his fault. He certainly could not be funny or crude like he'd want to be, not with the FCC waiting in the wings with big fines. So what audience will tune in to see a muted Chris Rock, when they can just wait to see him on another show with nothing held back? Do you think perhaps some in the television industry actually should have stood up to the FCC? Personally, I would rather see a really straight-laced person push their own limits than see a x-rated comic spew g-rated fare. Would anyone tune in to see the Nascar drivers drive through Atlanta during rush hour? Not a chance.

I hope you are not surprised in the future when the ratings continue to slip....



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