Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dear Barry,

I laughed out loud when I heard you quoted that you did not know what cheating is. You do not seem to understand what the uproar is about and why all the questions. So let me, as a fan, try to explain it.

Contrary to what Bud Selig says, many fans do care. Because there is no way to send Bud a message from the site, I am not sure how Bud is in touch with what the fans believe.

Why anyone would think baseball is more exciting because you are chasing the home run record with your steroid enhanced performance is puzzling. Would we be as excited if all the teams had moved the fences in 20 feet to give you that same chance at the record?

While it may be exciting for the fans of San Francisco to have a cheater on their team helping them win games, it is certainly just as unexciting for the fans of the team you are playing. And there are a lot more of them in total than there are of the Giants fans. So the owners of the Giants can turn their heads at what you have done. The commissioner of baseball can do the same.

But you will never be held in the same esteem as Hank Aaron. Or Willie Mays. Or Dale Murphy Or any of the other players with class and a sense of what is right.

Cheaters never win is the phrase we learn as a child. Whether you hit 800 homeruns or 1000, your record will always be tainted. And the more you claim you had no clue, the less believable you are.

Good luck with your high voice and your shrinking testicles,



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