Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dear Bubba the Lobster,

Yesterday I was glad you were discovered. I spent yesterday marveling at your size, wondering what you have been doing all those years. I sat with my friend and we talked about what it would be like to have come across you, three feet long and able to clip our wrists off with one of your claws.

I was happy that they were not going to boil you. I actually thought what a great thing it was for others to see and be amazed at you at a location where you could continue living. Then I imagine you liked it where you lived and had been dicovered, or you would not have fought to survive so long. Of course, it did cross my mind how miserable you might be if you were in a tank somewhere, and not where you liked to be. I thought of an aquarium I saw in Kona Hawaii once. The fish could see the ocean, but could not get there. I remember thinking how that must suck.

But they killed you anyway. Or perhaps you said screw it, these beasts that have me are just damn ugly. Perhaps boredom already set in. The results are the same.

Whatever the cause, I am sorry now that they caught you. And I really hope that they do not find any others like you. I hope they are there, and if they find another like you, I hope they just admire it and leave it alone. I really do. Just because we see something does not mean we have to screw with it, and eventually screw it up.




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