Friday, March 18, 2005

Friends and Family,

In light of the recent case in Florida where it seems nearly impossible to die with any sort of dignity, I would like to make my wishes as clear as possible.

If I, Ernest Joseph Moosa Jr, am ever in a state defined as a persistent vegetative state, or possibly worse, then I do not want to be kept on any sort of life support. I do not want photos of my status on the news or the internet. I do not want lawyers getting rich fighting to keep me jacked in to life support. I do not want congressmen, senators, or any special interest groups claiming to fight for me on my behalf to create the absurd environment that we have seen in Florida with Ms. Shiavo.

The state and federal governments do not have any right to keep me alive against these wishes. They do not own me. The only entity which can lay claim to me is God, and if he has me in the state I described above, it should be apparent to anyone of faith that it is my time.

If, should one of my relatives or friends decide to fight for me to stay plugged in, may my other friends have the courage to speak up, and say that is not what I would have wanted. I will thank you in advance for this.

And if, by some chance, I am in such a state, and the authorities do not allow me to be unplugged, then I hope one of my friends or family has the courage to do what they know I would want them to do. I am counting on that, and hope that one of them has the ability to do so.

While this is probably not binding legally, I hope this can without a question convey my thoughts, wishes and desires were I to not be able to respond.

Thank you so much,

Ernest J. Moosa Jr.
18 March 2005


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