Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dear Senator Davis,

As I write this, you are leading the committee on an investigation on baseball and steroids. If you have read my earlier letters, I agree that something should be done. But to have the senate of the United States involved for an organization that has less than 1,000 players? Is that what the government is about?

The questions being asked are foolish. "What pitch did you make that Mickey Mantle hit over the fence?" "Why has the union not done anything if they are there to protect the players?" Duh. The more records broken the higher the salaries go the more the union takes in. Not that complicated

The statements made by senators are just as laughable. "I am a Detroit Tigers fan. I am glad there are none testifying here today". Is that really significant? Say it ain't so.

If MLB wants to ruin the business model they have so be it. Is it not their business, and their choice? Are there not more important things for the senate to be tackling? I can only wonder how many players testifying will be signing autographs once the cameras are turned off. And I bet none of the players ask for the autographs of the senators.

Senator Davis, find some real issues that are within your domain to address. Clearly this should not be one of them.



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