Wednesday, March 30, 2005

We are Americans

We Are Americans

We trust no results that are not our own. We look cynically at everything that is presented to us.

We do not believe a man can enforce a law he does not believe in personally, that he can only do what is best for him. We believe every man in power will choose the choice that favors him personally and the he has no ability to put his personal agenda aside.

We believe every man is innocent until guilty. That is, unless we know him guilty. So we will make accusations and pass on untruths in the court of public opinion without hesitating. We fool ourselves into thinking what we think matters. Yet it only matters for ourselves. Even that may be an overstatement

We believe that forcing a tube down a throat is natural feeding. Yet I could not perform that process without a license, or possibly be arrested for doing so. If one believes it natural, let them choose to have their next meal in this manner. Better yet, feed your spouse in this manner this evening. See how natural it is for yourself.

We are willing to spend $5 million to bring back congress to pass an uncostitutional law while there are children in classrooms with no books.

We believe that no matter what we hear, if we disagree, it has been manipulated. Behind every report or action or process we see and hear a conspiracy.

We draw our conclusions with the minimal amount of data or proof. If we set a record temp, it is global warming. If it is colder than the norm, what global warming?

We feel that everyone must voice an opinion before even the minimal decision can be made. We poll even those who have no clue as to what the topic is, and then report the results of the poll as the gospel truth. Even on topics we as individuals have no clue on, we are always willing to offer an opinion.

We state we want to be independent, yet clamor for the state to take action on our behalf whenever possible. None of us want the state in our business, but we will not mind if they dive a bit into yours.

When we succeed it is because of our own efforts. When we fail, it is someone else's fault. And we have the lawyers to prove it.

We lose weight because we work hard and exercise. We gain weight because the restaurants give us portions that are too large. We can prove that with lawyers, too.

We want a law when there is something we dislike. If we dislike what we saw on TV, we do not turn off the TV, we say there oughta be a law.

We want everyone else to be just like us, as it always was. Yet it never was that way. We want everyone to speak like us, using the same language as it always was. Yet it was never that way either.

We speak of the sanctity of marriage. Yet we will try to set aside that sanctity if it is politically appropriate. We decide what side of the position we are on based upon what we have to gain or lose.

We are Americans.


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