Friday, September 02, 2005

Thinking Outside the Box

Anyone watching the story unfold in New Orleans hopefully can see how inadequate our government truly is.

How is it possible to have such a vacuum of leadership? The simple things which, if implemented, would have bought some time for all involved seem to just not be considered.

Port o Johns should have started moving into the area on Tuesday. Just about every one available within 500 miles of New Orleans certainly could have been there by now and set up on the elevated I-10, just as the buses are now arriving to pick up people and transport to Houston.

How can you expect a different outcome when your shoes are (if you are lucky enough to have them) are covered in feces, there are dead bodies wrapped in sheets all around you, and there is no food or water available?

If the very basic needs were addressed, then there would be plenty of help from those there to help with whatever activities need to be addressed. Everyone would have at least had a chance to pull together, as we saw in New York on 9/11.

No one asked the firemen and police in NYC to work without sanitation and without food or water. Everyone worked together. But the environment the city of New Orleans created was an us vs. them mentality, and survival of the most brazen or violent becomes the rule.

It has been 4 full days and this is the best that we can do? God help us were we ever to have a major attack. No one seems prepared. The Homeland Security project has obviously been just a feel good effort. Bush's lack of leadership is appalling. Had this been a chemical or nuclear attack would it have taken four days to show up?

And if you are not prepared yourself for whatever you might have happen to you, it will be your own fault after seeing how this has been handled. If you cannot fend for yourself, if you have not thought about what if something happens, where you may go, where you records may be, what you would do for cash, how you would get water or eat, then nothing can motivate you.

When the levees gave way, there should have been an immediate call for citizens with boats intact in the rest of the state to aid their fellow citizens. Sure, there are dangers, and if one responds to such a call we would understand. But do not tell us to just donate cash and to stay away while the government screw it up so bad that people needlessly die.

All the meetings of federal and state homeland security have shown us what they are really worth. Face it, holding meetings in DC will not and will never prepare you for real world disasters of any type. But I am certain we all felt better...until now. We know it just does not work as it is structured today.


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