Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Sense of Loss

Staying in shape is never an easy thing. When one has to back off training for reasons beyond our control, the added weight and the loss of our hard earned gains can be frustrating and depressing to say the least.

But I want to tell you that it is not as bad as it would seem. If you can get the training back into the groove, the gains you can experience will amaze even the most seasoned of us.

Over the last year, I fell into a slump. For numerous reasons I lost the desire to push myself. Physically, my body had started revolting. But in early February, as my weight peaked at a 5 year high, and my pace for running at a five year low, I had enough. Pants I had bought at the beginning of January were way too tight. I was making jokes about how fast I was gaining weight. Running had become a struggle.

So I enabled myself to be able to change that direction. Even though I joined the gym, I purchased dumbbells so that I could do at least a complete upper body workout at home. I bought some dvds called Spinnervals, and I road on the trainer if I could not get outside. I took my watch, and started using the workout mode so that it would push me if I ran too slow. Just a gentle kick in the ribs to pick it up a tad.

Here I am, just over three months later, and things have turned completely around. Having lost 9 pounds, those pants I purchased do not fit yet again. They are way too large. I have taken an average of 45 seconds per mile off of every run I do, and that is with increasing the monthly mileage. On the bike, I have never been stronger or faster. And the number of times I have to look twice in the mirror because I do not recognize the person that is reflected.

The sense of loss of those pounds off of my body and those seconds off my splits bring a feeling of satisfaction to me. It is a sense of loss that I am able to enjoy. I will never be a super athlete. I will never be a winner in the medals sense. In fact, I am smiling, knowing that I am a great loser.

EJ Moosa


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