Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Killer Coke: What a Joke

The latest campus protest appears to be against the Coca Cola Company. Today I saw a man on CNBC claiming that Coca Cola is killing employees in Columbia, South America. Thus, we should all boycott the softdrink, and ban it from college campuses.

But a look at their website(www.killercoke.org) and you see a list of 8 individuals who have been killed since 1989. If Columbia was the safest nation on the planet, it might warrant a second look.

However, Columbia has the highest murder rate in the world, with 60 people per 100,000 murdered every year.

If these folks at the Killer Coke organization wanted to really save lives, they would be working to ban cocaine from the campuses of college rather than the soda. Certainly they must realize more lives are lost to the white powder daily around the world than what they are reporting as murdered in Columbia?

The very fact that an organization such as this can get a foothold in society, and then begin to appear in mainstream magazines and television shows, demonstrates how gullible the public can be.


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