Tuesday, September 18, 2007

From Stealing from the Rich to Stealing from the Healthy

Hillary Clinton believes that there is some magical fountain of money, called insurance, that can be used to pay for health insurance for all. But this scheme falls in line with the income tax system, which takes from the rich and gives to the poor.

To understand what is being done here, you must understand how insurance works. Most people don't. Here it is in a nutshell: A group of people combine some assets(usually money) in case one of them has a loss. If the individuals in that group have different levels of potential loss, they pay different amounts based upon that.

Not so with HillaryCare. What are the factors that will decide your premium? Your age and sex. The system is not going to demand more money for high risk individuals. Because the system does not do that, this means that they MUST take more funds from healthy individuals. We are going to have a system that steals from the healthy to give to the unhealthy. And it is planning to steal at gunpoint these funds from you.

Once again our government is going to penalize those that have successfully taken care of them selves, and reward those that have lived unhealthy lives.

If I did not want health insurance, what in the constitution says that the government can force me to buy insurance?

If they force me to buy insurance, can they force me to take blood, drug, and urine tests as well?
Can they require me to take proactive drugs? Can they force me to be sterilized? If I am forced to buy insurance, can I be forced to undergo medical procedures?

What happened to a country where people stayed OUT of the lives of others?

There is no magical fountain of money that will cover this cost. The money will be taken from the healthy(which they will never get back) and given to the unhealthy(which they will never return).

If you ask someone on the receiving end of these benefits, they will claim the insurance companies have lots of money. Yes they do. My money. My money. Not theirs. Mine. Why are they entitled to it?

If this is not the United States on the brink of Marxism, it certainly feels like it. Despite how ill you are, how poor you are, how ignorant you may be, you have no constitutional right to my health, my money, or my brains. Am I the only one that believes this? Or am I just the first to realize that I am just a slave to the will of the masses?



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