Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Global Warming linked to Global Warming Research?

As we have moved from a period of scientific diecovery, to one of of scientific fearmongering, we should take a moment and look at where we have come from and where we are headed.

In older civilizations, many which are now gone, the powerful individuals were the ones that could predict the future with seeming certainty, and the rest of the ignorant masses would follow these leaders blindlessly. Many cultures with advanced scientific understandings, such as the Aztecs and their understanding of winter and summer solstices, used the knowledge of when these events would occur, would manipulate the masses to their whims.

Today, we have a scientific community that seems hellbent on tying every event in nature to global warming. With the media in tow, reinforcing constantly that we have not just reached a consensus and it is accepted, but that the consensus is forecasting a bleaker , faster and more destructive outcome due to global warming. If you question any of this you are shouted down.

In this vein of thought, shouldn't we recognize this and do the only responsible thing? I do believe that any more dollars spent on global warming research should be ended immediately. Why research any of these issues when we already know what the conclusion will and must be? Why must we fly all of these researchers around the world for endless meetings, conferences, research sessions, when we all know the conclusion anyway?

Think of the paper we can save by not printing any more global warming reports or stories in the newspapers? Thnk of all the carbon fuels that can be saved by not running computer simulation after computer simulation to confirm that global warming is occurring? Was it really necessary to do the research on this story? Or should this have been a no-brainer?

"Global Warming to Delay Next Ice Age"

What about this gem? It's now been confirmed that white clothes are being worn year round not because individuals do not give a damn about fashion dos and don'ts, but because of the effect of Global Warming.

Warming Trend: White Jeans Year Round
by: Teri Agins 30 August 2007
Labor Day is upon us, and Maury Rogoff has no intention of putting away her white jeans. It has been years since the New York marketing consultant went through the seasonal ritual of switching her closet around. "I'm in total seasonal denial," she says. "I only cave in when it really gets cold in January and February," she says. "I resist tights and hose all winter long."One of the most surprising effects of climate changes can be found in your closet: With the exception of heavy winter coats and flimsy sundresses, there aren't a lot of truly seasonal clothes in many people's wardrobes anymore.The move toward seasonless dressing is largely an effect of climate change. In most places in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is getting warmer, and winters are shorter and less extreme, according to the Center for Climate Systems Research at Columbia University in New York. Radley Horton, a climatologist at the center says 11 of the Earth's 12 warmest years since 1890 occurred after 1996. But in recent years, he says, "there are less extreme differentials between seasons," he says. The result: Spring is starting earlier by a week to 10 days, and fall is starting about a week later.

These are just two stories from last week. Do a search on global warming stories in the news and you will spend a year just reading the research reported last.

Isn't it just possible that Global Warming research is actually causing Global Warming? I would wager that if we used their data(I use their data bacause real data does not actually substantiate that global warming is caused by man), and plotted total global warming research projects against the global warming temperatures, we would have the highest correlation possible.

If they would only pay me to research this....


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