Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Man Killed By Gator Escaping Police

You have to wonder what would be worth stealing out of a car that was worth dying for. Apparently this man had not clearly thought out what his escape plan would be if this robbery would go bad. Not so bad for him but it was a death sentence to the gator.

The gator was only doing what nature intended for it to do: eat something if it comes along. So it did. For that, it was killed.

If you ask me the gator is a hero and did us all a favor. No one else is going to be robbed by this man. No one is going to have their day or trip ruined because some jerk decides that there is something inside their vehicle that he thinks he is entitled to.

The best part of the story is that the coroner confirms that it was indeed the gator that killed the man. I doubt that anyone on the scene was uncertain of that as they pulled his remains out of the water. But I guess there are always those that will doubt what is obvious.

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