Monday, November 12, 2007

Why Ron Paul Deserves a Look

If you have not heard of Ron Paul, you will. And you will hear about his supporters, who are raising a lot of money on the internet, and a lot of noise at public appearances.

The reason Ron Paul deserves a look are simple. American voters really like simple. You need a scorecard to keep up with the flip-flops on issues, and we all know it. One only has to watch the Hillary Clinton video on You-Tube, where she appears to be on four sides of the same issue.

Once you understand what Ron Paul bases his positions on, even a fourth grader could figure out his positions going forward. It is a simple document called the Constitution of the United States. If it is not mandated or specified in the Constitution, he will not support it. He wants to put the power back into the hands of the states, where it belongs.

Most Americans are tired of our country being the police of the world. We are in places we should not be. We are in places where the locals will have a better chance of sorting things out. If the politicians cannot legislate efficiently for us in our hometowns, what makes us thing we can do so on the opposite side of the world?

It's interesting to watch the media interviews of Ron Paul. The same reporters who have bashed Bush on his Iraq policies, attempt to paint Paul as someone who would do nothing. Paul corrects them and outlines that he supports trade, commerce, friendship, etc. He also states that he will defend this nation as outlined in the Constitution. But he wants to get us out of the nation building business, and most of the people I know feel the same. Bush would have been successful had he removed the threat to us and then left the Middle East. It really is as simple as that.

So, on the upcoming anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, when the online fundraising pushes Paul's tota;s to over $12 million raised, do not be surprised. In fact you should feel elated. Because it means that we have a chance to return our country to some of the principles that made us great to begin with.

The media will continue to doubt his chance to win. Both the conservatives and liberals will attact from both sides. We have already had 12 years of the Bush Family and 8 years of the Clinton Family running this nation. Are we happy with where it is? Hell no. It is time for a different direction.

Ron Paul is going to make a difference in this election whether the media likes it or not. The media should focus on how much Romney, Guilliani, Clinton, and Obama are spending per vote, and compare that to Paul. Big spenders will spend big. Be it for the election, or when they are President. We are ready for a change. The time may be now.


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