Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Constitution, The Bible, and the Airline

Over the last several weeks I have been reading stories reporting on Ron Paul's candidacy for president, and the idea that he is a constitutionalist. What does that mean? That if elected to the highest office in this nation, Ron Paul would specifically execute his job as outlined in the Constitution of the United States. The startled responses by reporters have been consistent in their shock of such a radical idea.

Yet the very fact is quite clear that we have elected over the years individuals, who are sworn to uphold the constitution, yet seem to have no true idea of what it means. I would go as far to say that some candidates do not care what it means while other candidates are planning to purposefully negate the true meaning for their own purposes. So, lying in bed one night, I asked myself why would people support other candidates who seem to have no idea of what the constitution is, when the job's primary purpose is to uphold the constitution? I really have no solid conclusion.

Looking around the world I live in, I wondered how successful a minister or preacher would be if he did not hold up a Bible as the bedrock and cornerstone of his ministry? I cannot think of any examples of any ministers I have seen, either in person or on TV, that did not quote the Bible, or use the Bible as the reason for what they are preaching. The possibility of one of the megachurches in the Atlanta area being led my someone that did not understand, know and support the concepts in the Bible is remote indeed.

What about the commercial world? What if the CEO of Delta never flew? He may be a great leader, a motivating boss. But if he does not fly himself, how many of us would be willing to take a flight on his airline. Certainly not me.

So when you begin to look at the candidates that are running for the office of President, I hope you consider whether or not they really believe in the Operator's Manual for the United States: The Constitution. If they do not, will you really be surprised when our potentially great nation does not function as it should, and seems to be in constant need of repairs?

I know that Ron Paul has read and understands the Operator's Manual for the United States. I hope you recognize how important that is to get this nation back on course.



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