Monday, November 26, 2007

Is Ron Paul Too Old to Be President?

I have been asked by several friends if I thought Ron Paul was too effective to be the next President of the United States(POTUS). Is the United States too old to be run by the Constitution? I don't think so.

Where America has gone wrong is looking for a POTUS that was like a decorator. Each one takes over and wants to redo the place with their personal preferences. Yet each time they begin to adjust the country to their own liking, they move us further and further away from the original plan.

Ron Paul wants to take the place, and much like a historical site, return it to it's original appearance. Most of what he would need to do will be done with the point of a pen. Vetoing bills that are unconstitutional. Removing the federal government from roles and purposes that were not in the original plan and that have not been included in one of the amendments that have been approved.

What if something were to occur to a President Paul, and he was unable to serve out his term? Well, the instruction manual is there, plain and clear, for nearly anyone that is committed to it to follow. That is what makes a constitutional presidency so desirable. It means that we run the place with more emphasis on what the constitutions says we should be and less about what the POTUS dreams of making us. That is the way our founding fathers had planned things for us.

If we are successful and get a constitutional president elected, chances are the following presidents will be also willing to follow the constitution. If they are unwilling to do so, we should be unwilling to vote for them. The swearing in ceremony should not be the only time that we hear our POTUS mention the constitution.

Asking if Ron Paul is too old to be President is like asking if the United States is too old to be a Republic. The answer is long as you are willing to follow the document we based this country upon.


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