Wednesday, November 28, 2007

America's lack of Understanding about Islam

The American people have a problem understanding Islamofascism, and until they understand the threat it poses, we will be unable to respond appropriately. Islam ism is a religion that wants to govern the people, and unlike America's form of government, where for the most part they are truly kept separate, being controlled by a Muslim government means following the religious laws.

Americans have allowed most religions to exist without interference from government. If the followers of Islam could be categorized as socialists, communists, fascists, liberals, or conservatives, we would understand what their intentions were and what it meant to us. But it is difficult to understand a religion that is willing to wage war against a government and that is what we have today.

Even the most extreme religious attacks in our recent history, those against abortion doctors and abortion clinics, were not a war against our government.

What I would love to see us do is to withdraw from the Middle East, and allow the American people to witness what is going on there as a spectator, rather than as a participant. Just yesterday a teacher was arrested for offending Muhammed.

Another woman has been sentenced to three years in prison for falsifying documents. Her forgery? She claimed to be a Christian, unaware that her father had converted to Islam for three months, prior to her birth. How is that for justice?

The Muslim faith is one of zero tolerance, much as the same as we see being exhibited in our public schools today. This type of idiotic process removes from the individual the need to take responsibility for their actions. If these sort of concepts can take hold, then our entire way of life is as risk. It's a risk we cannot afford to take.


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