Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's the Constitution, Stupid!

It’s the Constitution, Stupid!

As we move further along in this election cycle, there is one topic that is getting pushed aside, while an old topic is being forced to the center of attention. In the past, we were told that the economy is what voters cast their vote on, and perhaps that was right. But today as we see the supposed white knight of the Republican party rising, it is not about his economic ideas. It is not about his willingness to support the constitution. Instead it is his religious background that has given Mike Huckabee his momentary boost. I contend that boost is going to be short-lived as we see a preacher not want to be seen in his preacher clothes in front of the American people. He will not be able to have it both ways.

The economy is and always be a major issue to voters. Unfortunately, most Americans are too ignorant on economic issues to realize the false things politicians have told them to draw valid conclusions on economic issues and tax consequences. If you believe this to be untrue, ask yourself who profits the most from the sale of one gallon of gas: government or private business. Now see my column on that,

The Ron Paul Revolution will not be directly about religion, the economy or the war. Instead, it is about following the basic blueprint for this country. That would be the Constitution of the United States. Most Americans, I promise you, are ignorant on this document and what it was meant to do. I suggest they get a book called “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution” by Kevin Gutzman. The intent of the founders of this nation will become clearer to you, as well as the documentary evidence to support it.

For instance, the reason Libertarians are so fed up with the federal government is that they have taken from the states their sovereign rights. It was not meant to be this way. The word “state” has a different meaning today than how it was meant when our country was founded. In fact, words were carefully chosen so that it was clear that each state was equal and sovereign. States had the status of an independent country, such as Spain or France. This is why King George mentions each state by name when declaring that they were sovereign and free of British rule. Were they not to be considered this way, he would have only mentioned the United States in his treaty.

Libertarians do not want a federal government telling the states how to conduct their own business. It’s that simple.

The religions issues will rise and fall. The economic cycle will rise and fall. But the sovereign rights of the states, and their citizens, does not rise and fall. They have fallen ever so slowly over the last two hundred and thirty years. It’s why your local school systems are more responsive to the federal government than to the local citizens. It’s why you have bike lanes that go no where (federal credits) and HOV lanes that no one wants (to make the feds happy). It’s why every state was forced to raise the drinking age, pass seatbelt laws, and so on. The list is endless.

You and I each have 434 congressmen and 98 senators passing laws for you that you did not vote for, and have no way of removing from office. California has four times the representation of Georgia. How are my rights safeguarded under a system where the federal government can unconstitutionally take away state rights and my representatives are so outnumbered?

In the end it will be constitutional issues that overthrow the balance of power that we see in this group of “United” states. Perhaps the revolution must occur first at a state level. In the beginning, any one state could block the actions of the federal government. Rhode Island was on par with New York, Massachusetts and the other ten states. Does any one today believe that Rhode Island is on par with California in determining the direction of this country? Not I.


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