Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Want my Rights Back, and I Want Them Now

Each time I watch a republican or democratic debate I find myself becoming angrier and angrier. I am a 45 year old male who has had his rights whittled away over time to the point that most of my peers no longer even recognize that they once had those rights. Face it, we are running out of time to get our rights back before there is no one left that even recognizes what rights are gone.

World War I veterans are all but gone, and the World War II veterans are going fast. Ask yourself how many would make the sacrifices they made to see what they fought to protect systematically stripped from their grandchildren? And the soldiers today? They went to Iraq to remove a threat to us, not to build buildings and train police officers. They put a great face on it, and I am proud of them, but it is time to bring them home and let the Iraqi people do for themselves. I ask you this-under what situation would you ever accept a foreign country on our soil training our police and building our schools?

I want my rights back as a sovereign nation. I do not want the leaders of my country having to answer to the UN, NATO, or any other quasi-world government.

I want my rights back as a citizen to spend my money and support candidates as I choose without worrying about whether or not a six member Federal Election Committee (which is made of three democrats and three republicans) deciding how they can best shut me up. Who at that table represents me, the Libertarian Independent Voter?

I want my rights back as a citizen of the state of Georgia. I want the right to educate my children based on state and local objectives, not those of career government workers that I cannot fire and cannot vote out of office.

I want my state to have the right to build and approve roads and other projects as they see fit, and not be subject to the whims of the EPA. How many people have to sit in traffic for how many hours and burn how many gallons of gas before they decide it is ok to add another lane through industrial and developed areas? I trust the state, who I have a more reasonable chance of electing(compared to a senator from Massachusetts) on what is best for us who ACTUALLY live here.

I want my rights to decide what is best for my health back. Quit forcing me into a health system where you have limited the supply of practitioners via taxes and lawsuits, and expanded the demand by attempting to insure everyone. Who are you fooling? We both know you do not want me to live as long as possible because of the next right I want back.

I want my retirement future back. You started taking my money from the very first hour I worked. And you have spent every damn penny and left a jar full of IOUS. Then you have made sure that by the time I get to retirement that I really do not expect much. All of this because some people were too careless to plan for their own retirement? Yet you hope I die before the first penny is ever paid out. How “right” is that?

There is not a right above that you have taken that you have the authority to take. The Constitution of the United States makes that perfectly clear. I am, like many Americans, tired of asking politely. We are not going to wait forever. The anger is growing, and if I have to spend every damn nickel I have that you have not laid claim to, well, I am getting close to that point to doing so. And I am not alone. There is a revolution beginning to form. Ignore it if you will. But I will get my rights back. And I will not let anymore escape me without a fight.

In less than three days, I will donate to the one man that vows to make it different. I will give til it hurts. Because it hurts more to know what rights I have given up by not fighting back. My forefathers did not die for socialized medicine, or to answer to a higher power-the United Nations. They died to protect the freedoms I have lost, and I am shocked that I have loss them without even a shot being fired.


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