Thursday, December 13, 2007

Do We Deserve This Last Chance Ron Paul is Giving US?

Do We Deserve This Last Chance Ron Paul is Giving US?

As we look forward to the election year ahead, there is a recurring thought that keeps coming to the forefront of my thinking. Tonight that thought was echoed at a Ron Paul Alpharetta Meetup session that I attended. The thought is this: Ron Paul is our best hope and our last hope for saving this country. After this there is no one.

That is not an easy thing to say to your self, or out loud in front of others. Ask yourself this: If Ron Paul does not when the republican nomination and become President, then who will ever have the credentials to do so in the future? Of 435 congressmen, Paul is the only one with the record to say that he has supported the constitution above all us. We can review those that are in Congress today. No one even comes close.

Think about that. Out of 435 congressmen, only one district in one state has been willing to elect someone sworn to uphold the constitution that has actually done so. I think we owe Dr. Paul an apology and a thank you. I apologize for not sending to Washington someone of equal character and understanding of what the Constitution represents. I thank you for not compromising, for holding true to your principles, and for being willing to stand for what is right.

We have watched this country get far off the beaten path. We have tried to be everything to everyone. We have spent ourselves into a debt that boggles the mind. As of this moment, each of us owes $30,204. That is the amount we each owe above and beyond what we have paid in taxes our while life. Do we deserve the chance to get the spending under control and begin reducing our debt?

I am not sure we deserve the opportunity Ron Paul is giving us. I only know that we cannot afford to blow it. If we fail this last time, there will be no one else to turn to. We will be left with republicans who want to save the world and democrats who want it all to be free. We will be left with politicians who want to wait til next year to address the debt, and next year never gets here. We will be left with politicians who know we do not care about saving our nation as it was meant to be, and who will go on reshaping it into what they desire it to be, based on who is in the majority at the time.

Ron Paul is our last chance, people. I am not sure we deserve it. But if we blow this chance, then we will be left with what we deserve. We will be left with nothing.



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